A new and lyf-ly way of living

Lyf one-north in Singapore is committed towards a eco-living environment to be energy-efficient that feature is captivating an increasing number of travellers and residents who are environmentally conscious. The premises is not merely giving lip service to the idea of green living, it is taking visible measures to turn it into a reality.
As part of the Singapore Green Plan, lyf one-north Singapore has implemented an end-of-trip facility that includes bicycle lots and showers to encourage a car-lite lifestyle. Residents who prefer to commute via cycling are able to leverage on these facilities, helping individuals to choose more sustainable ways of commuting for both leisure and work.
lyf one-north Singapore has also attained the Green Mark GoldPLUS certification from Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority. This means that the property adheres to strict criteria that enhances energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint. Room occupancy sensors ensure that electricity consumption is minimised, with lights and air-conditioning automatically switching off when rooms are empty.
The commitment to sustainability goes beyond just energy conservation. The premises replaces single-use plastic water bottles with water dispensers on every level. Additionally, lyf leverage on a guest room control system to preserve energy usage when the rooms are unoccupied.
Intelligently designed by local architectural firm Woha, lyf one-north Singapore possess features that promote not just beauty but also sustainability.Consisting of two towers seamlessly linked via a connected bridge in the Premises, designed to promote bonding, wellness and community-building. Artworks by Singapore-based artists add a local flavour and artistic touch to various locations within the property.
Furthermore, lyf one-north Singapore cooperate with bike-sharing service Anywheel and car-sharing service GetGo to offer exclusive competitive price for residents. It also cater sustainability-themed events like “lyf Sustainival”, where sustainable products are showcased, educating and engaging the community.
With its excellent blend of community interaction, strategic location and sustainability, lyf one-north Singapore is not just providing a lodging to occupy; it is offering a lifestyle to adopt. In a world where housing costs are rocketing and the compelling reason for community and sustainability is more emphasized as than ever, lyf onenorth Singapore offers a compelling case for why co-living is not merely a trend but a long-term solution for modern living challenges.
Be it for the young professional looking for a flexible living arrangement, a student seeking a community, or an environmentally conscious traveller wanting a sustainable stay, lyf one-north Singapore may just have the key to the ideal lifestyle.

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